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We look forward to making the trail safer and more beautiful. Our events are all-volunteer led and supported and we're always looking for people who are passionate to volunteer and help maintain the trail. In addition to work we do, we also work closely with the City of Dallas and specifically the Dallas Parks & Recreation Department.


The Dallas Parks & Recreation Department handles all maintenance to the trail. Below are the current trail projects, closings and trail maintenance. This section is updated as information is made available to us. Feel free to send us a note about anything along the trail that you may have a question or concern on.


Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail will be hosting volunteer clean up days. Send us a note that you'd like to be a trail steward and volunteer at a future clean up day!

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We encourage all users of the trail to practice trail etiquette and safety protocols. Be alert and know your location. Visit here for a list of park and trail safety tips! 

Trail Emergency System

  • To improve trail safety, the City of Dallas has a trail marker system that will aid first responders in the event of an emergency.

  • Sign posts, with a unique location identifier, are placed approximately every 1/8 mile to ensure trail users are never far from an emergency marker. Emergency response teams will now know exactly where on the trail they need to respond and how to best access that locations.

  • If you should need assistance while using a trail, find the nearest marker, dial 911, and tell the operator the locator number listed on the sign.

For additional information and to view trail etiquette, visit the Dallas Park & Recreation page here

White Rock Creek Trail 911 markers_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Repair Projects Completed & Trail Maintenance

At Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail, our top priority is to work to keep the trail well maintained, and we know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns and partnerships. Our approach is to build strategic networks and promote activities that will help advance the quality and usage of the trail. We focus on both long term projects and also short term maintenance needed for the trail.

Trail Repair Cliff Before.png


Cliff Collapse at Park Central

The weather caused a major cliff collapse along the trail in June of 2015. The collapse was on the very edge of the White Rock Creek trail. Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail worked with the City of Dallas to immediately seal off this area, and create hard surface, and asphalt deviation; since the repairs to the trail would be major, and could take a lot of time to repair.  A temporary sustaining wall was put in place to stop further erosion, and avoid potential damage to the Park Central Drive infrastructure.

Trail Repair Cliff After.jpg


Repairs Completed

Since the repair required FEMA funding, it took quite a while to get it approved. Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail worked closely with the City of Dallas, and their designated contractor Trinity Watershed Management (TWM) through the completion of the repairs in mid 2018.

Trail Repair Fencing Before.jpg


Replacing Damaged & Collapsed Fences

Where the creek borders the trail closely, a wooden fence had been put in place. The wooden fence was falling apart, with rusted nails and shards frequently sticking out. The Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail made this a priority project, pitched the safety issue to City of Dallas elected officials and Parks Management, and provided ample visual details so that they would consider this improvement project as a priority for repairs or replacement.

Trail Repair Fencing After.jpg


Fencing Replaced

After repeated storms degraded the fencing even more our team consistently updated the City as to the condition of the fence. Resulting in the City of Dallas issuing a bid for the necessary repairs. The Park and Recreations department secured a welding contractor, to replace all damaged wooden fencing by a sturdy, nice metal fence. The new fencing is now in place North and South of I-635 , Forest Lane and I-75, and at the Fair Oaks and Abrams underpasses. Mission accomplished!

Trail Repair Abrams Underpass Before.jpg


The Turn after the Abrams Underpass

The White Rock Creek Trail has a 90 degree turn just past Abrams which can be deemed dangerous. This turn has overgrown brush and vegetation which makes the sightlines hard to see. In addition after a rain there is overflowing mud from the floodplains. Which can make this turn often very difficult to navigate safely.

Trail Repair Abrams Underpass After.jpg


Ongoing Maintenance Requests

The Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail has been working with the City of Dallas' maintenance team for years in order to get a major clearing done in this area, at least once a year. Our team frequently checks in with the City of Dallas team to keep them up to date on sections of the trail such as the Abrams underpass and other locations that need maintenance.

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