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We're ready for action! Are you? Our future projects include widening the trail so that it is a twelve foot width through the entire trail, regular ongoing maintenance and other projects such as lighting. We will also be adding future clean up days and an adopt the trail program. We're excited to roll out future projects that keep the trail in excellent shape!



Date TBD Pending City Council

We're currently working with the Dallas City council to include the White Rock Creek Trail in the next bond package to fund the widening of the trail to twelve (12) feet along the entire distance of the trail north to south. Currently only approximately three (3) miles is 12 feet wide, while the remaining four (4) miles is 8 feet in width or less. In the future, we hope to be able to secure additional bond funding to add further improvements, such as lighting and restrooms. We need your support!



Making a Difference

We're anxious to get moving forward and are looking to begin a quarterly clean up day starting later in 2021. We're also looking for groups, businesses and community leaders to "Adopt the Trail", where you can adopt sections of the trail and signage will be placed with your name, company or organization who is sponsoring that section. We'll be rolling out this program soon!



Doing What’s Needed

We work with the Dallas City Park & Recreation department on a continuous basis, helping them identify problem areas and improvements. Please contact us to let us know (and send us photos) of any problem areas you see on the trail so that we can help address these and find solutions!

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