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Upcoming Events

City of Dallas Special Bond Election May 4, 2024

In the Special Election on Saturday, May 4 Proposition B for Parks and Recreation funds includes $7,000,000 to reconstruct and expand the White Rock Creek Trail to a 12 foot width.  This includes roadway underpasses with erosion control and new bridges.  Please cast your vote on May 4 "FOR" Proposition B!  See the City's map of proposed projects here.

A Big THANK YOU to the volunteers who participated in the March and April 2024 Trail Cleanup Events

Watch for new about future cleanups, informational meetings, and other events here.

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Past Events

March 2023, trail cleanup every Saturday

June 12th, 2021 Meet & Greet on the Trail


On Saturday June 12th the Friends of White Rock Creek trail held their first Meet-and-Greet on the trail at Park Central Drive. Trail users were given a flyer and invited to support the trail widening project. They were offered coffee, cold water, peanut butter cookies and snacks. Two tents , tables and chairs were graciously provided by our Parks Services representatives. 


We enjoyed the visit of Jaynie Shultz, freshly elected Councilmember for District 11, and Jeff Kitner, President of the Friends of Northaven trail and Park Board member, as well as Sloan

Anderson from the Parks Department


We invite all trail users to vote to widen our trail, sign up to participate and volunteer, and donate to help us improve the trail.

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