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Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail

Working to Enhance This Vital Connector Trail

At Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail, our initiatives and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members engage in projects that enhance the trail.  Learn more about the positive impact we have made in the past and join us in bringing about positive change for the future.

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About the trail

Dallas' White Rock Creek Trail is one of the longest and most heavily-used trails in North Texas. The 9.2-mile White Rock Creek Trail, located in northeast Dallas adjacent to White Rock Creek, links several parks that make up the White Rock Creek Greenbelt including Hillcrest Park, Valley View Park, Anderson-Bonner Park, Orbiter Park, Northwood Park, Harry S. Moss Park, Fair Oaks Park, R. P. Brooks Park, Olive Shapiro Park, Flag Pole Hill and White Rock Lake Park. The trail also provides a direct connection to the Cottonwood Creek Trail, Flag Pole Hill Trail, and White Rock Lake trail.

It is very popular with serious cyclists and novice week-end bike-riders, as well as with runners, skaters and walkers. This trail offers parking, water fountains, restrooms, and picnic areas at the trail's northern entrance at Hillcrest/Valley View and at various locations along the trail. 


The 4 mile trip down from Harry Moss Park to White Rock Lake is quite scenic as it follows White Rock Creek as it meanders through the greenbelt of trees. It passes under all major roads, avoiding any traffic lights or stop signs. Wildlife is also abundant with raccoons, birds, rabbits, and squirrels throughout the dense forest.  


One reason for the popularity of the White Rock Creek Trail is that it serves as the spine for many other of Dallas' City trails....including the Cottonwood Trail, the Sante Fe trail, the Northaven Trail....and even a recent connection to the ever popular Katy Trail.  

The trail has numerous 911 markers all along to ensure quick location  identification for emergency services, if needed.


Our group is also advocating the widening of the trail to 12 feet from start to finish, which will enhance its safety and allow for increasing number of users, especially on weekends.


Sometimes all we need is to be surrounded, by a group of others trying to do better.

Author Unknown

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